About Tours of Peace

TOP (Tours Of Peace) Vietnam Veterans has been an independent, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, created in 1998 for helping veterans and families through programs associated with Tours Of Peace.

TOP enabled those impacted by war to move forward. Our Tours Of Peace included spouses, children and relatives of veterans, and those killed in action. Our logo colors were blue & green, symbolizing hope. During the Vietnam War, the time a soldier served in Vietnam was called a “tour.” Throughout TOP’s existence, the time veterans and families spent in Vietnam with TOP was a “Tour Of Peace.” Through revisiting the country where it all began, seeing Vietnam as it is today, and helping others in the process, the healing began.

The Foundation was comprised of five programs: Veterans, Family, Humanitarian, Personal Effects, and Education. The programs are a result of our Tours Of Peace trips. Our approach to veteran & family recovery integrated emotional and humanitarian components. Participants revisited old military sites of personal meaning, and conducted humanitarian projects nearby. By helping others, we help ourselves.

About Chu Chu Tunnels TankIn Vietnam, TOP and participants retrieved personal effects, left behind during the war. We brought back numerous dog tags, and miscellaneous items (from clothing to pay cards). Upon return, TOP researched and attempted to return these effects to families and veterans.

TOP educated the public about Vietnam veteran & family issues, the Vietnam War, and Vietnam as it is today. We were a resource to theAbout Pay Card International community.

TOP received no governmental help, and was not financially associated with other organizations. We were not a tourist company and did not profit from trips. TOP was unaffiliated with political or religious causes.

The success of our programs depended on contributions. Thanks to your past support and participation–together, we made it happen.

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