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Author of “When Heaven and Earth Changed Places” Le Ly Hayslip accompanied TOP on a Tour Of Peace
Le Ly Hayslip’s film rights were purchased by Oliver Stone for the movie “Heaven and Earth”–the last of Stone’s “Vietnam triology.” Here, TOP joins Le Ly at her home and site featured in the movie screenplay (captured briefly on this story, from the actual location). Le Ly’s brother and sister, also featured in her books & movie, are present to meet TOP. TOP visits a school that day. Filmed for the Vietnamese public and produced by Hòang Nguy?n is “Nha Van Phung Le Ly:

Back to Vietnam, Tours of the Heart
A book about a path of service in Vietnam, inspired after a life-changing Tour Of Peace was taken by R. Bruce Logan and Elaine Head

Healing the Wounds of War 
TOP Participants blog their Tour Of Peace experience

Pittsburgh Post-GazetteDog tag of medic killed in Vietnam returned to his brother
For the son of a pastor who considered fleeing to Canada because he objected to war, David F. Winder seemed an unlikely candidate to receive the nation’s highest military recognition….
By Jonathan D. Silver

Tobyhanna Reporter, Tobyhanna Army Depot, Tobyhanna, PA.
Piece of veteran’s identity returns from the past
Public Affairs Office News Release Number: 117-08
by Jennifer Caprioli, Staff Writer