Dear Friends of TOP

When TOP (Tours Of Peace) Vietnam Veterans began our mission in the 1990’s, our Vietnam veterans were healthy 50-ish-year-olds, but now, there is a dwindling number of healthy Vietnam era Veterans who are physically able to participate in our intensive working Tour Of Peace experience.

Also, there is a diminishing fund base for the humanitarian work we do, coupled with red tape and administrative costs of continuing to operate. Consequently, primarily for these reasons, TOP has recently made the difficult decision to dissolve our 501 C (3) legal entity and cease to be a registered charity.

Our most recent Tour Of Peace was the last full-blown TOP group to travel in Vietnam under the auspices of the traditional TOP itinerary.

We are grateful for the help from Senator John McCain’s staff who brought TOP and the University of Arizona VETS program together in order to continue our Personal Effects Program. In keeping up with the legacy of TOP, The University of Arizona VETS program has pledged to continue the mission to return these personal effects to the veteran or surviving family members! VETS is an organization run by veterans, spouses, dependents, and current service members who through their shared experiences endeavor to maintain TOP’s legacy and better serve our communities.

TOP is extremely appreciative of VETS taking charge of our Personal Effects Program. Perhaps some day they will return personal effects from more recent conflicts. We encourage you to visit VETS and the Personal Effects Program at (and dog tag list):

VETS will soon take over the TOP web site domain, blog. and Facebook page–which will focus on personal effects run by VETS. Please continue to monitor our web site, blog and Facebook page for announcements and news (knowing that these sources will all eventually transition to the University of Arizona VETS program). For more information, contact: [email protected]

Importantly, TOP acknowledges all those who have enabled us to accomplish many years of doing our good works with their service, volunteerism and monetary gifts:

Helping Vietnam veterans, their families (and surviving families), conducting humanitarian work, returning Personal Effects and educating the public on Viet Nam and the conflict. We are also thankful for Vietnamese citizens who have helped coordinate and prepare for the good works we have done; as well as those who have helped TOP recover personal effects. We have deep gratitude for all who have made these nearly two decades of good works possible–you all made a difference.

There are many of our supporters who wish for the TOP legacy to continue and are working together in order to keep some of our humanitarian projects going for years to come–such as elder homes and scholarships–as part of TOP’s legacy. We appreciate those who are … and want to become … involved in preserving TOP’s legacy.